Buffalo Township of Union County
2115 Strickler Road
Mifflinburg, PA 17844
Phone: 570-966-4004

Sewage Enforcement Officer Fees

Sewage Enforcement Officer
Ken Young (Sunbury) – 703-217-9355
Justin Dashem (Centre Hall) – 814-933-2108
Paul Rapp (Paxinos) – 570-336-6946

*Responsible for sewage permits except those covered by the Municipal Sewer Authority.

SEO ActivityTownship FeeApplicant Fee*Codes
Permit application: new system$20$70#
Mod./repair, with soil testing$20$70
Mod./repair, no soil testing$20$20<
Holding tank, <25 gal/day$20$45
Holding tank, >25 gal/day$20$70
Site or malfunction investigation$60$60#
Site verification$60$60
Obs. probes, <6 pits/extra-$60 per$200$200
Cond. probes, <6 pits/extra-$60 per$200$200#
Obs. perc, <10 holes/extra-$30 per$300$300
Cond.perc, <10 holes/extra-$30 per$300$300#
Review Planning Module$60$60
Review design$40$40#
Issue permit: new system$20$20#
Mod./repair, with testing$20$20
Mod./repair, no testing & holding tank$15$15<
Interim inspection$60$60#
Final inspection: new system$120$120#
Mod./repair, with testing$120$120
Mod./repair, no testing$60$60<
Holding tank, <25 gal/day$60$60
Holding tank, >25 gal/day, up to 18 @$40.$40$720
Reapply & reissue expired permit$75$95
Verify existing system$75$75
Holding tank inspection$15
SFSD system inspection$40$40+ lab fees
System design: lnground$350
-- Elevated$450
-- Alternate$450+ add time
Hourly rate for other activities: Consultation$60$60
Complaint, malf. investigation; enforcement actions$60$60
Municipal meetings, hearings$60
Mileage related to hourly rate activitiesIRS published rate


# Typical  new sand mound system, start to finish, costs $870, no subdivision.
< Typical simple repair, start to finish, one site visit (final inspection), costs $95.